Rotor-type Fluidized Drying System Filter Press System Wind Energy Aeration System Thermal Electromagnetic Heating System

Suitable for burning a wide range of coal, energy saving, high efficiency, and long practical life.

There is a multi-air secondary air distribution on the upper layer of the reflection arch in the combustion zone, and the residual temperature tail gas after purification by the tail gas purification tower can be mixed in.

It can reduce the temperature in the cavity and increase the service life, while burning at low temperature.

Can effectively avoid ash coking.

The cyclone receiver realizes gas-solid separation, the separated fine particles are recovered, and the discharged gas enters the tail gas purification tower.

The cyclone receiver has a simple structure, stable operation and moderate efficiency.

Equipped with a matching discharge collection device, it has good air tightness and meets the continuous and uniform discharge of materials.

Ensure that the dryer feeds evenly and stabilize the working conditions of the drying system.

The silo body part adopts fish belly design to avoid the phenomenon of "barrier material blocking the silo".

The conveying equipment at the bottom of the silo can simultaneously meet the conveyance of fluid, wet and sticky, and hard agglomerated materials.

The equipment as a whole has good water tightness and corrosion resistance.

The output of materials can be adjusted arbitrarily through analog signals.

Obtained the national utility model patent (patent name: a spiral conveyor with storage for conveying viscous materials; patent number: ZL 2010 2 0633269.0).