What are the benefits of sludge drying?

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Drying the sludge is more conducive to the utilization and final disposal of the sludge. The utilization and disposal of dried sludge is divided into five aspects:

1. Agricultural application (organic fertilizer, realized by composting)

2. Sludge drying of building materials (brick and fiberboard)

3. Sludge gas utilization (can be used as fuel)

4. Landfill

5. Throw into the sea

The water content of the sludge is very high before it is dried. The remaining water content of the sludge is 99.2%~99.5%. The water content of the sludge after passing through the thickening tank is 95~97%, and the water content after filter press is about 80%. Therefore, the moisture content and the drying of sludge should be reduced.

First, the sludge output of sewage plants is relatively large, and the volume of sludge must be reduced to facilitate subsequent transportation and treatment. Second, many domestic sludge treatments are transported to landfill plants by landfill, and reducing the volume can or can be The landfill plant saves space. Third, the sludge needs to undergo some treatment before it can be used as fertilizer and building materials. This kind of utilization is not very common at present, let alone the utilization of sludge gas. Sludge drying

Now my country will have a new standard for sludge delivery. The moisture content of sludge will be reduced from 80% to 60%. This shows that the country now attaches importance to sludge treatment. Sludge drying

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