Rotor-type Fluidized Drying System Filter Press System Wind Energy Aeration System Thermal Electromagnetic Heating System

Clean combustion, the industrial flame produced is comparable to oil burners.

The combustion efficiency is as high as 92%.

Ringelmann's blackness is less than 1, so there is no worry about smoke pollution.

Small size, strong integrity, easy to transport and install.

There is a complete set of docking technology with other industrial furnaces, which can be widely docked with various industrial furnaces.

Obtained national utility model patents. (Patent name: Swirl collision pulverized coal gasification furnace; Patent number: ZL 2011 2 0323337.8)

Equipped with a high-efficiency burner, it is suitable for a variety of fuel media and completes the combustion.

The body is treated with heat insulation to reduce heat loss. The shell is made of carbon steel material, which is safe and reliable.

The combustion is stable, the thermal efficiency is high, the equipment is small in size, and the area is small.

The system adopts fully automatic control.

Wide range of applications.

Suitable for burning a wide range of coal, energy saving, high efficiency, and long practical life.

There is a multi-air secondary air distribution on the upper layer of the reflection arch in the combustion zone, and the residual temperature tail gas after purification by the tail gas purification tower can be mixed in.

It can reduce the temperature in the cavity and increase the service life, while burning at low temperature.

Can effectively avoid ash coking.