Drying system process flow Process flow of filter press system

·Drying and dewatering of municipal sludge: the dryer system is embedded in the tail gas treatment system of power plant boiler, and the sludge is dried and dehydrated by the waste heat of boiler flue gas (150-400) ℃. After dewatering, the sludge is incinerated into the furnace for power generation, which not only solves the environmental problems, but also realizes the purpose of energy saving, emission reduction and resource utilization. The process has obtained the national invention patent (patent name: sludge treatment with boiler waste heat) The device and treatment process; patent No.: ZL 2009 1 0011487.2) are listed as national demonstration project

·The structure of the equipment is reasonable and compact, and the floor area is small.

·Using high temperature hot air to dry coal furnace directly has high heat exchange efficiency and large output.

·The moisture content of discharge can be adjusted to avoid over drying.

·PLC system control, safe and reliable.